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We offer complex interior design for your car
We offer for client's choice materials of different kind - leather, Alcantara
We renovate leather interiors and improve seats' geometry

We offer you clients full spector of services relating to leather interiors.

We do jobs of different difficulty (leather seats, sealing, door panels and others).

Prices are determined individually for each case and depend on difficulty of work and materials that are used.
Seat upholstering
Front leather panel upholstering
Central console upholstering
Steering wheel upholstering
Ceiling upholstering
Door parts upholstering

Our works

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About us

We have been making leather interior for long time and can offer our clients perfect quality.
Me can put leather even on very difficult parts of car interior
We have modified interiors of such cars as Mitsubishi 3000gt, Toyota MR2, Mercedes G-class, Hummer H2 and others
We can give advice about solutions and materials that can be used in each specific case


One of the most popular materials today is leather that still illustrates fashion and prestige. Many car manufacturers started production cars (even small and inexpensive models) with leather interior as an option. There are a set of firms which offer services concerning leather interiors. And without false modesty we would like to admit: our experts are one of the most professional in this area. High-quality materials, professional equipment and indisputable talent and faultlessness of handwork of our masters, that make interior of your car in a work of art. We prove it by our works.
To provide high quality of work is impossible without using of high-quality materials. The leather for car interior should combine high durability, wear resistance, but at the same time - softness. The leather upholstery should be air-penetrable. Leather upholstery should maintain its usage for many years keeping original form and not being salted. The most suitable material for automobile leather - leather of cows.
Except leather, Ergana Auto uses material "ALCANTARA", Dinamika. ALCANTARA is completely artificial material similar by the form and the invoice to natural suede. Unlike suede, ALCANTARA could not be salted, does not afraid gasoline, moisture and high temperatures. Besides it could be perfectly cleaned. It is a material specially developed for application in cars and yachts.
However it is not enough with good materials - the professional master, who finally defines a kind of interior, put in it part of soul, matters a lot on a final product.

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